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What is The Happiness Tree?

The content in this blog is a direct challenge to the preconceived notions, fears, biases and flawed approaches that hold many of us back from success in relationships, work, creativity and most importantly, life satisfaction.

Like many of you, from my adolescent years, I was seeking guidance to help me understand the complex interplay between myself and the world at large: A sort of “Life Manual”. I would peruse book stores and act on recommendations by friends and respected “gurus”, but never found a book, program or methodology that connected all the dots.

I’d read one book about Spirituality, and another about Self Esteem. still another about creativity followed by a treatise on Relationships. Each book seemed to partially address one piece of the puzzle, but even taken together, they never led to a holistic understanding of the human experience.

Then at a dark, pivotal point in my mid-life, I felt the need for a deep paradigm shift. A complete overhaul of my belief systems and a new scaffolding upon which to construct my future. I was sure that in the new frontier of the internet, I’d be able to find just the right message, delivered just the right way that would provide me that “Aha moment” I so desperately desired. But again, I found only bits and pieces, not a cohesive approach that would lead me to achieve sustainable happiness.

So, I built it myself.

In my quest for a deeper truth, I discovered a concept that stuck with me: That all the tools and information we need to create a productive, happy life, are already inside of us’. This idea made perfect sense to me, because I had come to believe, at an early age that each of us were brought into this life to fulfill a purpose. And by extension, that we’d be provided the tools necessary to manifest that purpose or at least the means to acquire them. So it would seem each person's mandate is to discover their mission, then develop the energy, passion and abilities to fulfill it.

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